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Information for Collaborators

Become an #AirwayAlly

For all collaborators: Dr. Tran collaborates with healthcare professionals locally, regionally, and nationally. Some of those collaborators even have space within the Airway Alliance collaborative center.

Please be assured that Dr. Tran will not require any patients to see any particular providers or require patients to change providers to those who are providing services in the center.


Dr. Tran values all of the collaborators in his Airway network and maintains this policy as a matter of principle.


Above all, the patient will always have the right to choose their Airway team.

Image by Ian Schneider

The purpose of the Airway Alliance collaborative center is to foster synergistic care and communication among the members of each patient's Airway team.

Organized around Dr. Tran's Airway-enlightened ENT practice, the Airway Alliance strives to continue to integrate and evolve best practices in patient-oriented precision medicine.

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