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The Airway Alliance

A Clinical Endeavor by ENT physician Christopher Tran, MD


Where collaboration drives success in the pursuit of optimal sleep, breathing, and health.

Image by Shane Rounce

Patient-Centered Collaborative Experience


  • Full anatomic evaluation, up-to-date knowledge

  • Access to care from a network of the best breathing, sleep, and wellness providers

  • Your care does not end with your visit but discussion continues amongst your care team after your visit, behind-the-scenes

What is the Airway Movement?

There is a lot of buzz around the Airway Movement.

Dr. Christopher Tran breaks down what it is, why it is important, and what you should know.

Modern Dancer

Top Notch Collaborators

The Airway Alliance continues to expand its network of knowledgable providers and collaborates extensively with many providers in the Houston area and beyond.

For patient convenience, some of these "Airway Allies" offer services within the center.

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