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Infants who have feeding, breathing, or sleep problems.

Things to Do

***Airway Alliance offers the Infant Care Coordinator service for a nominal fee - this is a phone consult that will screen your infant for tie-related problems and guide you on the steps you should take to optimize your chances of successful treatment. This is the most common way to book a tie-release-on-first-visit appointment with Dr. Tran. To utilize this service, please call 832-404-2601 and ask for an ICC appointment.*** 1. Fill out Infant Tongue Tie Survey (screening survey) 2. See IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) for an assessment of feeding function and to optimize innate function before considering any procedural intervention. This should be done PRIOR to seeing Dr. Tran. 3. Consider "bodywork" to improve function and prepare anatomy for procedural intervention if needed. This should be done PRIOR to seeing Dr. Tran. 4. Be evaluated by a proceduralist (dental provider or ENT) for possible intervention (may be for release of oral ties or palatal intervention or other). If you want to increase the chance that your infant will have the option of having a procedure done during your initial visit, please be sure to optimize all of the steps above prior to your visit. *Note, for best results when releasing tongue/lip/cheek ties, Dr. Tran recommends minimum follow up visits at 1 and 4 weeks postoperatively as well as IBCLC postoperative visits at 3-4days, week 2 and week 3. It is best to have the logistics arranged prior to your procedure appointment. Your other team members may recommend longer duration follow up visits on a case by case basis.

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